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Thon Met African Peace Foundation


Create a safe community for displaced women and children of South Sudan, in which they can make homes, learn, play, and become self-sufficient.


We begin by rehabilitating the women and children--providing medical care and basic necessities--to help them recover from the traumas experienced as refugees of war.


We provide education and training in agricultural skills so that the village can one day function as a self-sufficient cooperative.

We also strive to raise awareness in the United States about the condition of those living in African refugee camps and the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

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It takes 2 hours for our villagers to reach the nearest fresh water on food. A bicycle would cut this time by more than half.

medical care


Thon Met has partnered with a medical group based in Gambela. A doctor visits the village on an ongoing visit. A medical check up for one of the children costs $25.

school supplies


Pens, pencils, notebooks. For just $75 you could be the amazing donor who outfits our village's open-air school.



It costs $250 to relocate a single person from the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya to the Thon Met Village in Gambela, Ethiopia. Buy someone a ticket to hope, safety, and freedom.

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Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, we have just completed construction of a second latrine in our village.

This is a big step towards providing our villagers an increased sense of humanity, privacy, and safety.


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